Hello. Hola.

Just call me Jo, JoJo, Juani (my Spanish alter ego…more on that later I’m sure), or just me, Joanna. After a ridiculously difficult 2015, I decided I needed a place to write down all the thoughts in my head; whatever it is that hits the page, that time spent writing brings me peace.

I’m currently living back home (due to a number of reasons, none of which I’ll bore you with right now) after seven fantastic years living in Spain. Through this blog, I hope to be able to share with you some of the great adventures I had whilst out there and also note down any thoughts and feelings I have as I rediscover what it’s like being back in the UK.

I have no children of my own, but many of my friends do whom I love dearly and when I squeeze them tight I fill their little heads with my Spanish words! I play “mummy” to 3 adorable little rescue pups, so you’ll probably find a lot of this blog taken up with photos and ramblings on all about them!

So, here goes… I’m no professional, so let me apologise now for any nonsense or random babbling! Whatever gets written down, let’s have some fun!


Random Phone Shots (4).JPG

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  1. Hey Jo! Welcome to the blogging world, you are going to love it. It’s like your personal little safe haven and the community is so supportive and great!

    xo, JJ

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