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A sleepless night…

7.Christmas Day 2015 (21)

I’m surrounded by dogs (problem number 1) and wondering whether or not tonight will be yet another with little sleep. As I lay in bed last night, after coming up at a reasonable hour, I found myself staring up at the dark ceiling for what seemed like an eternity. Have you ever done that thing where you look at the clock and say to yourself “If I get to sleep now I’ll get 6 hours sleep…if I get to sleep now I’ll still get 5 hours sleep…”? That was me last night, as well as counting sheep. It didn’t help that last night the wind was howling, outside I could hear the bin lids blowing open and shut and drafts groaning through every gap they could find throughout the house.

Doctor Hilary from Good Morning Britain says, “You’ll get a better night’s sleep if you lie on your back…” A position I rolled into last night only to find all three of my dogs had carefully placed themselves around me, almost like a game of tetris. As soft as I am with them, I did manage to push them all aside and get myself comfy. Sleep still did not kick in which then let to my mind starting to think about my blog and what I would write.

I wanted my first entry to be one that flowed, and to see the words just spill out on to the page. I have had a great time reading many others and discovered that people really do write about everything and anything. Apart from keeping a diary when I was much younger, this is quite new to me but I hope to write a couple of times a week sharing my thoughts and maybe sometimes just use this as an outlet for my feelings.

Let’s see how it goes…



Hello. Hola. Welcome to my blogging world. Join me on my writing journey as I jot down all sorts; from things that make me happy and giggle, to travels and adventures already experienced. There may be moments when things get a little more serious, but mainly I'm here to share my thoughts and stories and learn lots from fellow bloggers. :-)

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