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How far would you swim?


I’m a bit of a softy, so it doesn’t take much for me to cry. However, the tears that fell most recently were happy ones when I read a lovely story about a man and his penguin. I came across the article in the The Metro newspaper (my reading material of choice while on the bus to work each morning)  this week and It’s been all over the internet so many of you may have already seen it.

A little penguin, now known as Dindim, was rescued by a part time Brazilian fisherman when he was just a few months old. That was in 2011, and to this day, the penguin returns every year to visit and spend some quality time with his “father”. The fisherman says that Dindim sometimes spends up to 8 months with him then goes back out into the sea before returning the following year to show what can only be described as love and gratitude for saving him those few years ago.


My reason for blogging about this little guy, is because the story really touched me. I am a huge lover of all animals and I honestly believe that they feel just as we humans do. It is believed that the penguin swims up to 5000 miles in order to get back to his fisherman friend, where he then lives in what is not normal habit for his species, and happily goes about his business sharing and protecting the life of this generous man. Dindim recognises the love and act of kindness that was given to him and therefore returns every year to show his appreciation.

Forgive me if you think I am being daft, but I genuinely think that animals feel and understand  lot more than what we give them credit for. I know that not every animal can always be saved, and that so many people do everything they can to help, but knowing that little guy was given a second chance and reading the story really made me smile. Sometimes reading in the paper about a bit of loveliness is what we need.




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5 thoughts on “How far would you swim?

  1. That is so true, Somewhat the same happened with me with a certain parakeet, until I shifted to another place. I just wonder at times what did it do or feel until it realised that I wouldnt be coming back.
    Or does it still come up there in hopes of finding me, I don’t really know!

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      1. They are.. I just moved about a 1000 km from that place, and this incident was about 2 years ago and I shifted about an year and a half back


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