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“Blowing away the hangover!”

As we worked our leg muscles, climbing the sand dunes, let the wind rapidly sweep through our hair and breathed in the smell of fresh pine in the woodlands, my sister said… “well it’s certainly blown away my hangover!” This made giggle at the halfway point of what turned out to be a wonderful afternoon stroll and the perfect end to the spring holidays.

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None of my outfits are complete…without that bit of dog hair!

I’m 29 years old and I’m surrounded by some amazing friends who are currently popping out babies all over the place (not being biased but they are the cutest little dudes and dudettes) while I myself have three dogs. I love my dogs. You know how some people often mention “the crazy cat lady who lives on their street”, well one of my pals says I’m almost there with my three pooches!

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