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None of my outfits are complete…without that bit of dog hair!

I’m 29 years old and I’m surrounded by some amazing friends who are currently popping out babies all over the place (not being biased but they are the cutest little dudes and dudettes) while I myself have three dogs. I love my dogs. You know how some people often mention “the crazy cat lady who lives on their street”, well one of my pals says I’m almost there with my three pooches!

As I sit here tapping away, I find myself wiping away the odd hair from the keyboard and pausing now and then to throw some attention in the direction of the little paw lightly patting at my knee. You see, I have these three dogs and they walk with me, sit with me, try there very best to sleep with me and when I’m nearby they are always in my shadow. I love them lots, my little doglets, but if you too are a pet owner then you can imagine my issue with dog hair! I guess I’m writing this post in the hope that someone out there can offer me a super piece of advice in tackling this hairy problem!

BeFunky Collage dogs

I’m currently hoovering every other day and I’m constantly running the sticky lint roller over the sofa, bed and my clothes. I used to live in Spain, in a flat with a window that ran from the ceiling down to the floor, and when the sun shone through the glass in the height of summer I could often see little hairs floating in the heat! I hope I’m not making myself sound dirty, or that I am literally covered in hair, although it feels a bit like that…I promise you it’s not…really!

As the seasons are changing and the temperature is slowing rising (ha!) the battle is really on at the moment. From short fine hairs, to long, thick black ones, I’m finding them everywhere! It bothers me a bit if I found one in my jim jams! I think if it wasn’t for Primark and their two for £1.50 on lint rolls, then I’d be in a right hairy pickle!

I honestly adore my pups I do, but if anyone has any tips, please send them my way!




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14 thoughts on “None of my outfits are complete…without that bit of dog hair!

  1. They are adorable! I instantly liked this post as soon as I found out it was about dogs. I wish I had some tips but I’m deeper in the mud than you are because of my golden retriever. She hasn’t gotten her fur trimmed even once because my family wants her that way.

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    1. I love golden retrievers! I have always loved big playful dogs, but while living in Spain I rescued my 3 little ones and instantly fell in love! Thanks for liking the post…I was worried people wouldn’t be too keen on a random doggy post!

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      1. I’m sure a lot of dog lovers would file in in a couple of days! 😀 Mine is just seven months old. I had a Great Dane before and I’m fascinated by how different the two dogs are from each other. And that’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to rescue dogs.

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  2. haha i love this! i have a bernese mountain dog…so i understand this oh so well! (but he is my beloved forever).

    as for tips, besides just going with it, and letting the hair tell everyone you love your dog…if you don’t have a lint roller, tape does the trick! or just never wear the opposite color of your dogs fur. 🙂

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      1. i agree…i don’t know who i would be without some kind of dog hair stuck to me haha. i think of it as professing my love to my dog and all dogs out there and as a message to other dog owners…”it’s ok for your dog to come near me, can’t you see how much i love dogs?!!” or “can i PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pet your dog! ilovedogs and imadogpersonforlife can’t you tell by all of the dog hair on my shirt and butt. by the way i have a bernese mountain dog, what kind of dog is yours omghessofreakingcute!”….

        yeah. I’m one of those people haha ❤


  3. Nice post, and your dogs are so cute. Unfortunately, I am no help to forever get rid of dog hair and I totally understand about the dog hair everywhere. My schnauzer hair is always found around my house but I think when he gets trimmed its a little better.


    1. Thanks! I always hope that after a bath they might be a bit better…but no! Haha! Seems to be less hair this week though…either I have become used to it all or the dogs coats are settling with the weather!

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