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“Blowing away the hangover!”

As we worked our leg muscles, climbing the sand dunes, let the wind rapidly sweep through our hair and breathed in the smell of fresh pine in the woodlands, my sister said… “well it’s certainly blown away my hangover!” This made giggle at the halfway point of what turned out to be a wonderful afternoon stroll and the perfect end to the spring holidays.

I’m a person who likes to keep busy. I like to be on the move, try new things, visit different places and I like to be around people. So this afternoon when my sister (Ellie) and her boyfriend showed up and invited me to join them at the pinewoods, I grabbed the dogs’ leads and jumped straight into the car. It was such a beautiful day, so I was grateful to have someone to explore the outdoors with!

I really enjoy getting out with my dogs as it’s great exercise for not only them, but me too! Walking through parks and woodlands is always great fun too because on a good day there can be lots to see and discover. Today we headed to a National Trust area, the pinewoods in Formby; a bonny little town in the region of Merseyside in North West England. Here you will come across squirrels, not so hidden away in the protected woodlands, large sand dunes that lead to lovely coastline views along Formby beach and numerous walking routes through the trees. I spent many days trekking through these woods as a child and yet I still find myself discovering more each time I visit. Check out the national trust website for info and activities for you and all the family…and the dogs too ! (Β

Today we decided we would make our own trail, and find our way over the dunes to the beach. (I have taken the passage through the squirrels many a time though and I do recommend it). The sun was beating down on us, and being protected by the trees we weren’t bothered by the wind. We set the dogs free almost as soon as they were out of the car – I love watching them run freely- and we slowly sauntered behind them. The sunlight was shining through the trees in just the right way and there were all sorts of different greens glistening off the tree leaves. Being well into spring now too, throughout the woods there was a splash of colour here and there…not that I could tell you the names of any of the plants or flowers I’m afraid, but they were very pretty. I’ve seen blackberries and raspberries there before too, not on this occasion though. At our own leisure, we reached the end of trail and came out on a field which would then take us to the dunes. The grass has been growing nicely and now and then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a rabbit quickly hopping by. It was quite amazing to see them running so freely and so nearby, almost fearless. I like that though, they obviously feel safe in this area. The dogs by this point were full of energy, so much to sniff and explore! I knew that as we approached the sand dunes the dogs’ excitement was going to burst, I’m not sure quite what it is but when their paws touch the sand they just go all over the place!

Pinewoods (16).JPG

We all ran down the sandy hills and made it on to the beach. Although it was rather windy out there, the sun was shining down hard and glistening on the small waves lapping up on the shore. There were many people around; children playing, families enjoying picnics and numerous dog walkers (all dogs in their element what with so much open space, water and sticks here there and everywhere!) It really was a wonderful afternoon out, and if you ever find yourself up in this neck of the woods, well you must go and check this place out.




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7 thoughts on ““Blowing away the hangover!”

  1. agreed. it’s great to have someone to go out with and explore new places. I wonder how do you manage your dogs when you are out of town? I have a german shepherd and it’s really tough if we all want to go out so one of us always stays behind with her. I have no relatives who will take care of her. Well great to see a fellow woman doing things … Keep this up. πŸ™‚ have fun.

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    1. I love a great walk with the pups! When I lived in Spain it was tough, I put them in kennels when I went home for Christmas last year and I cried and was calling the guy all week!! I am a softy! Needless to say…they were fine! My weekends would sometimes be cut short, or days out though, because I would have to come home for the dogs. I love them dearly though and wouldn’t have it any other way. Now being home in England is easier as my wonderful mother offers to watch them if I go away for a weekend, and my sister stays over with them if mum is busy. It’s great having a helping hand, but at the end of the day they are my responsibility and I do all I can to keep us all happy! (sorry, I’m a crazy dog lover!)

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      1. I love dogs too. I have one German Shepherd and going out walking with her is so much fun. I can understand the joy you felt s you wrote this comment. I am glad I commented. Got to know something about you πŸ˜€

        Have a wonderful day dear πŸ™‚


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