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Four Dogs and a Lady.

As the morning sunshine forced its way through my bedroom today, it was not the heat of the yellow sun that woke me, nor the brightness of the beaming light… but the gentle pat on my face from little four legged friend.

Although my pups have their own cosy places to sleep, the smallest always manages to find her way up on to my bed during the night; being so tiny, when I’m deep in a sleep, I don’t even notice her jumping up and burying herself down amongst the covers.

Last night was clearly no different and when she was ready to get up, she crawled up to my face and lightly brushed at my cheeks with her paw. The moment I throw my quilt back in a morning, three doggy heads pop up and get very excited knowing that they will soon be let out into the garden for morning business. Today was the usual routine, only there were four heads bobbing instead of the usual three. At the moment, my mum’s partner is working away during the week so his old boy, Jake, comes to stay with me…just call me “crazy dog lady” (ha!) That’s certainly what I must look like when I’m strolling down the street with all four of them!

Going back to today, even though walking four isn’t always easy, I couldn’t resist the glorious weather. I do love walking the dogs. I like getting out in the fresh air and running wild with the dogs; great exercise for all of us. I’m lucky that halfway down my street there is a huge grassy field where the dogs can roam and play freely. So today, once all four were collared and hooked up to their leads, plenty of poo bags at the ready, we were off! Firstly, we took a pleasant stroll round the block before heading to the field (they know when we are getting near and the challenger of controlling four dogs on four leads gets harder!) The actual walking of four dogs isn’t too bad. The small problems start when one stops to sniff a plant, another stops to pee and the other two may be pulling me in opposite directions. Things get a little heated when I end up with four leads twisted round my wrists and legs and freak out that with one sudden movement (them pulling a different way) then I could be sent flying! Luckily, such an incident hasn’t occurred…yet!

Returning to this morning’s walk, the second had I taken their leads off at the field they were dashing about all over the place. It’s great watching them run about and play. I swear they smile when they run! Surprisingly, after half an hour of leaping and bounding round, it wasn’t actually much of a struggle getting them back under control and on their leads (yay for me!)

Being outside is fantastic. I enjoy every minute I get to spend with my furry friends, especially those moments spent in the great outdoors. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little read…do you think I should try a new technique when walking all four?! (ha!)


Just me and three in this one…hard to selfie with four!


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