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Take Me Back!

12. Thai Beach! (4)

As the rain pours down, I can’t help but miss my days spent on sandy beaches; sipping sangria or another typical Spanish beverage and letting the sun wrap its warm arms around me. Today however, it’s not just Spain that I’m craving,  I’m really missing the beach parties and the pure thrill of Spanish summer! Just take me back now…

I’ve had my tunes (sounding like a chavvy teenager ha!) on today and I’ve ignored the rain; bopped around reminiscing on my beach party nights last summer. I think back to last year’s season of heat and I can’t actually believe it took me so long to get to one of those beach clubs! So let me tell you all about this one club that my pals and I came across, and just maybe you’ll get the urge to travel over there and have some crazy summer fun yourselves!

12. Thai Beach! (7)

Living in the centre of the region of Murcia, we were only about thirty/forty minutes from the coast. Situated at the northern end of Murcia’s Mediterranean coastline, is a little town called San Javier. It was here that we travelled to, just a short distance down the road from San Javier’s airport, in search of Thai Beach Club. We had heard that you had to park up and then a mini bus would take the rest of the journey down the bumpy, winding “countryside” lanes and into the club.

Once we arrived, it was a quick 12 euros to get in (including a free drink) then off to find our spot for the night. Apparently, arriving here during the day means free entry as it’s only when they set up for the night session that they start charging entry fees. This is the way it works anyway, during the summer months; big named DJs come to play – not that I heard of any who came- and you can stroll in and out of the back entrance of the club that leads onto the beach. It really is a super location for a club, right on the shoreline.

BeFunky Collagedance

That night we just raved! I threw my hands in the air, shook my hips and threw my head all over the place. We had such a fantastic time; I can’t remember the last I jumped around so much! I could feel the beat of the music vibrating through me and my face hurt from smiling so much. It didn’t matter though, because my friends and I had an absolute blast. Drinks were a bit pricey, but being a club hidden away almost out t sea means that they have no competition with prices. I think I relished in two ice cold Corona beers that night. Ice cold because that evening we were all sweltering in the Murcian summer heat.

Thinking back to that night, I’m sure it was a Sunday. Once summer begins in Murcia, any night is party night. I remember when I was 19; my friends and I would hit the town on any night of the week…things aren’t quite the same anymore, hence why being out and partying on a Sunday night felt quite rebellious!

I’m loving being back home in England, but listening to the rain and hail pound down outside, really makes me want to race back over and relish in the summer nights of Murcia.



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