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Happy Father’s Day

This year there was no novelty gift mug, no “dad’s favourite chocolate”, no pub lunch and there were no sweet delights from the local bakery; there were however, happy memories. Memories that were (and always will be) both joyful and sometimes that little bit more sombre.

Yesterday- June 19th- saw many people in the UK celebrating Father’s Day. Sadly, for my sister and I, this was our first year without our dad. Now, I’m not writing this today because I want you to feel sorry for us or to upset anyone, I’m simply writing a little bit (this being the first time I’ve opened up on here about losing dad) in order to share some happy memories like Ellie – my sister- and I did yesterday.

Baby me (ten months) and daddy.


Due to me living in Spain, I wasn’t always home on this date, but I constantly made sure to call up, have a natter with dad and send over the usual treats: football novelties, action films, fancy flavoured jams and even personalised “dad’s special mints”. When I was home, we would go for a pub lunch or raid the nearby bakery for sandwiches (dad liked them with spicy fillings) and tasty cakes. Wow! I’ve suddenly got a craving to nip down to the bakery and treat myself to a massive sandwich!

Dad was a big fan of pretty much any action film, so last night my sister and I decided to be together and watch a film we knew dad would approve of. Ellie had come across a Liam Neeson film in Tesco, and as he was one of dad’s favourite actors, she decided that it was the one for us. We sat through the film, hiding behind our hands for some of it, but also quoting dad from time to time.

“Don’t worry, our hero will save the day.” He would say. He would also laugh as the “baddies” got what was coming to them. I smiled as my sister came out with these quotes. It’s funny how many little things you start to remember…when someone you love is no longer there. Even as I sit here now, I am thinking of other find memories. So on that note, I’m going to bring this post to an end and save some more happy moments for another day.

I hope all the daddies out there had a wonderful day yesterday and cherished every minute with their children. Every moment is precious, as is life; live it to the fullest.

Peace and Quiet Mints; excellent!





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