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Casual Saturdays

Saturday Night (8).JPG

Worrying that my last post hasn’t quite turned out the way I meant it to, ( maybe not quite so upbeat) I’ve decided to post a bit of light-hearted jolliness!

So here I am…here is me…just some silly faces from my casual Saturday…

I feel like I very nearly managed a little rhyme then haha! (if you say it loud and like sat-ur-dee)

Keeping it casual at the weekend, I met up with some friends for early evening drinks. I think it’s important to catch up regularly with mates, get out of the house and have a good laugh! So when I got the text on Saturday, I ran a brush through my hair, lobbed on a bit of bronzer and dashed out. I don’t tend to wear too much make up and if I ever try to get adventurous with the painting of my face it generally turns out…all wrong. I do love throwing on some heels and getting pretty for a night of dancing, but going out in pumps and jeans (keeping it casual) was really what I needed.

The “summer” weather wasn’t up to much this weekend but I kept my flowers on and went for some light coloured jeans. I actually forgot how much I LOVE being out in jeans and pumps. After a few hours of chatting and the drinks were flowing, it didn’t take me long to get up and have a little boogie. We were only in one of the pubs in the centre, not a big clubby place or anything, but like I said before…keeping it casual.

Well that’s it guys. If I’m being honest, I just wanted to share a bit more of me. A bit of my general daily life. I had a fab time with my friends on Saturday, those un-planned nights are always the best.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ladies, throw on your pumps and go dancing!



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