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Oh What A Night…

 You can’t beat a night out with friends and last night was no different to the many wonderful ones we have had. Although it was a farewell night for our JoJo and the smoke machine did its best to ruin our photos, we still managed to party hard and dance the night away!

Jo T-Leaving Do (24).JPG
Yep, too much smoke!

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So long, Farewell, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen…

Saying goodbye is never easy, so sometimes it’s best just to say “see you later”. This time last year, I was preparing my “see you later” for my friends in Spain. After a seven year long adventure it was time for me to come home (back to England) and bid a fond farewell to the country I had come to love. With me however, I would be taking many memories and friendships that would last a lifetime.

Today, I am not only reminiscing about the end of my Spanish adventure, but preparing myself for the next goodbye. Tonight I will be hitting the town centre and partying with friends as we say “Hasta Luego-See you later”, to one of our best buds before she starts off a new experience down in London.

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The Afternoon Video – Animals showing humanity to other animals

I have a ridiculous amount of love for all animals and found this video to be absolutely beautiful. Seeing animals show such compassion to each other makes me wonder how on earth some humans can cause harm to them.
Sadly yesterday, on what was the hottest day of the year, I heard that a couple left their dog inside a car while they went for a meal. This happened in Southport, where I live, and it was 34 degrees! I believe the dog survived the night after being pulled from the car and spending the night in the care of a vet. Why those people did this is beyond me!
I hope you enjoy this video and for a moment we can try to forget about some of the awful things that happen out there.

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International Kissing Day!


Today is the worldwide international day of kissing! So pucker up and share some love!

Blow a kiss towards a handsome stranger, share a passionate smooch with your better half or pop a peck on the cheek of a person you love. However you choose to do it, just enjoy that special moment and remember to always share a little bit of love. 🙂

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My little rat dog


As she curls up on my lap (not bothered by the laptop currently on it) and makes herself comfy, I look down at her little face and wonder how anyone could ever want to hurt her; how can people have it in them to lay a harmful hand on these little furry friends? Not wanting to think about some of the horrors out there though, I want to tell you the story of how we found this little one…

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