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Oh What A Night…

 You can’t beat a night out with friends and last night was no different to the many wonderful ones we have had. Although it was a farewell night for our JoJo and the smoke machine did its best to ruin our photos, we still managed to party hard and dance the night away!

Jo T-Leaving Do (24).JPG
Yep, too much smoke!

Here in the small seaside town of Southport (Northwest England) the nightlife does its best to contend with the nearby big, party cities such as Liverpool and Manchester. I started going out (clubbing) when I was sixteen; don’t worry, at that tender age my curfew was midnight and dad would be waiting outside to take my friends and I home safely. I’m now twenty nine and have experienced nights out in cities all over England and wild “noches” in Spain; no matter where I am though, it’s the people who I share the night with who make it what it is.

Yesterday evening started off early which was great because it meant that there were fewer crowds of people; more space to rave away and really throw some shapes! It also meant that we had time to talk lots, catch up and share lovely moments before saying goodbye.

The tunes ranged from early 2000s classics to the most recent beats – some of which I hadn’t heard of- and had us all bouncing around the dance floor. Beer was my drink of choice last night with a cheeky hint of lime and a few shots went down nicely too. Quite surprisingly, I was feeling fine and dandy this morning!

As the night went on, the drinks flowed, our arms waved and flapped about in time to the music, some girls’ shoes came off (heels!) and we partied hard until the early hours. So many people came out to wish Jo all the best for her next adventure and she seemed to have a really good time. It was a great way to spend a Saturday night; with some of my very bestest friends, love, hugs and fantastic music.

Hope you all had a super weekend. Any late night antics to share? 🙂

Jo T-Leaving Do (22).JPG
Emily and I. Friends since we were three 🙂


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