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“Make Every Moment Count”

I love following this young lady’s blog; this particular post feels close to home for me as I myself went through the same thing a year ago.

the Confessions of a Wanderer

The life we live is so short and we should truly try and make every moment count.

While I have done that in the past, I feel like I have been doing an absolutely terrible job lately ….

My time home so far has been extremely difficult for me. Adjusting has not been easy for me . Between the difficulty of being apart from my boyfriend, plus re-acclimating to my life in the US (living home again), and truly missing Spain which has become my home, it’s just been really rough for me.

I know that I should be making the most of all this free time that I have right now (especially since I’m moving again in a few months). I should be productive and be getting things done.BUTI am finding all the days blending together, passing one to the next without really accomplishing much of anything…

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