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A Wave of 30th birthdays!

I don’t quite know where the years have gone or how they have raced by ever so quickly, but the time has come for my friends and I to turn the big 30!

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Top 5 Things On my Bucket List

I constantly ramble on about the things, dreams, hopes I wish to accomplish. Places I want to visit, help I want to provide…this lovely little post has made me want to write my own bucket list; whether it be a blog post or on paper stuck on my fridge, but maybe seeing the words written down in front of me everyday will inspire that little bit more…

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Meet and Greet Weekend

What a lovely idea!
Great way of discovering fellow bloggers and yet more fantastic posts!

The light breaks through


Meet and greet are opportunities for you to give people a chance to know more about you.  It also gives you the opportunity to promote your blog.  To make this more fun.  Tell us what country you are posting from, what is your favorite meal growing up and one surprising thing about you people would not suspect.  The other rules of engagement are listed below.   Remember to copy this link on either your blog or social media outlet.  I hope you get new people to see your heart and passion for blogging.

Here are the rules of engagement-

Leave a link to a post from a blog other than your own

Leave a link to a post to your blog

SHARE this post (social media or reblog)

The best way to increase readership is to engage with other bloggers!   Comment on their posts.  Invest time in what others…

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