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Pass with Distinction!

Oh my goodness I’ve been away from here for far too long; I’ve been a busy bee and trying my hand at studying again (first time in 7 years!) and just doing my best at keeping my time occupied.

Summer came to an end (not quite sure how it went so fast!) and everyone returned to school, people used up their annual leave and we all got ready for routine again. I myself was not quite ready and at somewhat of a loss at what I wanted to do. To be perfectly honest, I’m still a little bit lost; where do I want to be? What’s my best option career-wise? Instead of being at a total loss, I decided that I need to occupy my time with something useful and I enrolled myself on a course. It’s an open study course meaning that I do it online and in my own time from home. The course I chose was Level 3 Teaching Assistant and SEN (Special Education Needs) assistant. I was lucky enough to meet some great people during the last school year and work alongside some super colleagues, and the school was kind enough to allow me to stay on this year while I’m doing my course.

Working only one day a week at school, the rest of my days are taken up supporting a young lad with needs two afternoons after school, playing Spanish “nanny” Jo on Thursdays, and really getting stuck into my course on Mondays. I’ve been getting up to lots here and there but just haven’t had the time to sit down and write here, but after some good news on Friday I felt that I could treat myself to a “blogging spree” ha!

After submitting my very first assignment mid-week, on Friday afternoon I was rather surprised to see an email waiting for me sent from my course tutor. It was an email telling me the result of my Unit 1 work…I only managed to get myself a DISTINCTION!! I was completely overwhelmed; studying has never been my strong point! I really am rather chuffed; I had got so nervous and worked up, thinking I was writing all the wrong things and tackling the essay in completely the wrong way! Turns out, I just had to have a little faith in myself and believe that sometimes, I CAN pull off good things.


I’m hoping to get back on track now and use my time well. Time for hard studying and time for relaxing and friends. I hope you all had a super summer and are now enjoying the start of autumn; get out there and enjoy some autumnal walks, run through the leaves and have fun getting wrapped up warm! Let’s make it a great season!



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