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A Wave of 30th birthdays!

I don’t quite know where the years have gone or how they have raced by ever so quickly, but the time has come for my friends and I to turn the big 30!



My life so far has been full of all sorts: travel, adventure, growth, amazing friendships, sadness, work and so much more…

I’ll never say that I regret anything that I’ve done, maybe have approached certain things a little differently, but never completely change or erase anything as I believe that the things that happen and the situations we go through, make us who we are.  Saying this, I know that there is no way I am ready to put the brakes on and think about settling; I’m ready for so much more!

I’ve celebrated three 30th birthdays so far this year; that of my good friend Jo, a lovely afternoon garden party for Lynn, and a super night time disco full of dancing for an old high school friend, Laura.

Being ever so grown up and throwing an afternoon party…you should have seen our parties 10 years ago!

I absolutely love spending time with my friends, whatever the occasion, and I just can’t wait for the next few birthday celebrations that come! It’s always good fun getting dressed up too! I’m not quite sure what I’ll do for my 30th…I have until February, so a little thinking time yet. My sister and friend want to throw me a ‘Spanish themed’ party ha!

7. Laura D 30th.JPG
Laura in the centre, it was great catching up with old friends!

So what do you reckon? How should I celebrate my Happy 30th? How do you all like to party?

I’m also thinking that before I turn 30, I need to get started on that bucket list…



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