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Enjoying sunshine and free time.

I’m rather happy that the sun is still shining, although it is getting chillier now and the early mornings are rather dark, it’s nice to get out during the day and make the most of the lovely weather.

I’m lucky enough to have Mondays free, and this Monday just gone the sun was shining gloriously and I was even able to venture outside without a coat on!

I do like to keep myself busy and keep on top of the housework, so first things first, I had a good tidy and clean round followed by putting a clothes wash on (oh the joys hey?!) I knew that in the afternoon I had to set aside an hour or so for studying, so once my chores (not Cinderella) were done I got the dogs ready to head out for a stroll.


I live in a lovely little village called Churchtown and there is a beautiful park not far from my house, where I practically grew up! On this day however, I decided to walk that bit further to Hesketh Park, which isn’t too far away either but it is out of the village. I think it’s important that the dogs get a good long walk now and then too. Being small with diddy legs means that they don’t always need to be out for too long, but a long walk and good run around does them well.

So anyway, they managed the long walk and were still keen – as was I – when we entered the park. I love the autumn months; the leaves falling down and crunching under my feet, the beautiful colours and more often than not, the silence around us. With all the kids being back at school, everywhere just seems that bit more spacious.

This particular park is filled with huge, tall trees and winding pathways that lead up and down, as well as through the grassy hills. In the spring, a vast amount of flowers bloom and all the ducks that reside there lay their eggs. The centre piece of the park is an enormous lake where there are fountains dancing around the birds and ducks. Like many parks, there is also a play area and cafe to cater for children and family needs.

It really was a lovely day πŸ™‚



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