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Daily Prompt: Tiny

via Daily Prompt: Tiny

You don’t get much tinier than this little rat dog of mine… puppy1

I’ve written about her before; written how we rescued her, how much I love her, how my life would just not be the same without this little pup in with my brood 🙂

We call her Pequeña which means small in Spanish; small, little one/lady. She is the smallest of my three pups and when we walk her out on the great outdoors you really see how tiny she actually is!

Xmas stuff (2).JPG

Next to little Lola maybe she isn’t so tiny, but when we come across larger dogs out in the parks and woods they do look like dinosaurs next to her; and although she looks tiny, inside that mini brain of hers, she believes she is ever so big and shows no fear whatsoever when those big dogs come sniffing!


I love that I stumbled across the daily word prompt, it’s given me a cheeky opportunity to post lots of lovliness about my furry babies. Yep, I said it…they are my little ones 🙂



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