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Challenge 1: The Wardrobe

So I follow this blog and think the idea behind it is fab. This was the very first challenge she took on and what a great idea and super way to get through all of those clothes tucked away at the back of the wardrobe…
I’ve decided I need to challenge myself a little. When I say little, I mean start slow and build up to bigger and more exciting things ha! Follow this lady’s page and challenge her!!

Five Whole Days

Deciding what to wear is a daily struggle

In the morning I probably spend about 5 minutes in the shower, 10 mins on hair and makeup, and then a further 45 minutes trying on outfits and picking holes in every single one as to why I can’t possibly wear it.

I mean once I leave the house you should see my room. It’s literally like a bomb has gone off.  Clothes everywhere.

The way I see it is that I’ve got two problems:

  1. I love buying clothes
  2. All clothes look hideous on me

So I counted them up and I’ve got 206 items of clothing, yet I only have 12 outfits that I deem acceptable enough to wear each week.

12, out of 206.


See that lonely looking pile at the front? Yep, well that’s my ‘safe’ pile. The middle is a pile that I’ve worn once or twice, and the pile furthest away is literally clothes that I have bought and NEVER worn.


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