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Wrap Me Up!


Having just re-blogged one of my friend’s posts, ( I have decided to set myself a little challenge; nothing major, just something I must do everyday in order to get through some of those old scarves that I have hidden away.

Starting from today, I am going to make sure I wear all of my scarves! Ok, it might seem a bit pointless and “why is she doing this?”Β but I have my reasons! I constantly go through my wardrobe and often fill up a bag with clothes that I then take off to a charity shop. If I haven’t worn something for a while, a whole season, or it still has the label on it, then someone else will clearly get more use out it than me!

When it comes to my scarves however, I never seem to be able to part with them! Many of them were given to me as presents- always a great gift a scarf- and I have some that I really like. Although I can’t send them away, I also don’t find myself wearing them all. I guess it gets to summer and I try to hide away the winter wardrobe and then when it gets cold again, I just grab the first one I can put my hands on.

So, as of today, I will dig out all of my winter woolies – including the scarves- and I am going to wear a different one each day. As sad as it sounds, I’m rather excited because it means I get to try and match my outfit too! Who knows, maybe I’ll end up coming across all sorts of tops I forgot I had!

This one was definitely a gift, from a student at the academy in Spain. Bit of colour brightened up a plain, white top!
All cosy with our coats and scarves on; mine isn’t actually a scarf, but I don’t remember what it’s called ha! One of those all together snuggly things. A snood? Xmas 2013 this was…I wonder if I still have it?
Even Grandma J loves a good woolly hat and scarf combo!
camera phone (42).jpg
Bit of white and black leopard print- Nice one Gemma! πŸ™‚



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