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La Bufanda- The Scarf


So here we go guys and gals- scarf number one! I thought it would also be quite cool to learn the word for “scarf” in various languages; each day as I post an new photo, I will also google how to say “scarf” in a foreign language. Today’s language is Spanish…I already knew that one so it was a bit of a cheat!

If you read my post yesterday, Wrap Me Up! then you’ll know that I have challenged myself to wear a different scarf everyday. Not much of a challenge you may think, but it’s a way I will actually make use of all of my scarves. I’ve also decided that if I come across some I’m not so keen on anymore or don’t think I’ll wear them again, then the charity bag will be getting filled!


This was yesterday’s winter warmer. It went nicely with the khaki coloured coat-which I wear all the time! I need me a new coat! Anyway, it’s from Marks and Spencer, a burgundy (maybe very dark purple)colour I would say, with a hint of shimmer for the stripes. I tend to wear clothes with quite a lot of pattern, so sometimes it’s nice to have something a little plainer and then I don’t clash! I think this may have been a gift and I’m guessing it was a Christmas one because the colours of the wintery season don’t you think? I know I’ve had this one for a long time and I actually do wear this one quite often when it gets cold over here. I like it and I’m glad it’s the season for scarves again!

Check out my blog tomorrow to see what colourful wrap I find next 🙂




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