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Cachecol- Scarf


Day 2 of my little scarf challenge; not quite sure why I have hidden half of my face in the photo and look like I’m about to rob a bank, but at least I’m looking colourful!

Now then, I remember exactly where I bought this one; early this year I went to visit my boyfriend in London and I didn’t take anything with me to keep me cosy- foolishly thinking as I was going further south I would be nice a warm! Anyway, not being loaded with cash, I knew I had to find somewhere cheap and cheerful. After a search on google maps, smack bang in central London, we found our way to Primark. Can’t beat a bit of Primark action!

I think it was early spring, so there wasn’t much left in the wintery season;clothes I mean. After a bit of a route, I found this rather jazzily patterned scarf and I even got the coat too!! Pink isn’t my favourite colour, but it matched the scarf nicely and kept me toasty whilst roaming the streets of London.

Hope you liked this post. This was yesterday’s scarf and I’ve already dug out today’s so check out my page later for another post and update on my little challenge. Oooh also, I went for the Portuguese word for scarf today. Good old google translate helped me out, so please feel free to correct me if it’s wrong!

Have a super day! 🙂

I’m really not a good selfie taker!


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