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Écharpe – French for Scarf

So day 3 of my challenge, which means it’s time for scarf number 3. Kept it simple today and just went for a bit of grey…


On investigating the scarf, looking for a label of some sort, I discovered it is in fact a pashmina.I realised I don’t actually know what a pashmina, so as usual, Google to the rescue…

The name comes from the Persian language and means made from wool. I don’t actually know if this is a real, 100% pashmina but if it is I do hope the goat whose wool it came from wasn’t hurt in the process. Not sure if I want to wear it for the evening now; more investigating into where it came from may need to be done.

I actually think this may belong to my mum, because I definitely have never worn this one. That was however, the point to my challenge; dig out all of the hidden away ones and get wear out of everything I own…starting with the scarves. If you don’t really know what I am on about and are wondering why I am posting about a scarf, check out my original post for this little series… Wrap Me Up!


As smart as this one looked, next to my pale pink coat, I think I am more about the colour! Anyway, the end of the week is near and I’m looking forward to the free days coming up! Hope your week has been super!






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