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Is It Ever Too Much Tinto?


Peacefully sitting by the sea and enjoying the warmth of the sun resting on your shoulders, you quietly take delight in the sweet taste of the rosy drink in your hand… and before you know it, you’re clinking your seventh glass against your friend’s and dancing (the very best salsa you can) as the bubbles rush to your head!

During my six awesome years living and working in Spain, this was pretty much the norm on a weekend’s evening. 🙂

Tinto de Verano (summer red wine) is a well known and rather popular drink in Spain. Not to be confused with sangria, which is similar but with the added dash- or many- of a strong alcoholic spirit.


Made up of one part red wine and one part gaseosa – the general term soda, fizzy water I’d say- and served with a slice of lemon. Actually, I used to drink mine with lemon fanta; red wine mixed with lemonade (basically) and splashed over ice. Honestly, this really became my preferred Spanish tipple.


Literally translated as “the red wine of summer” as the name suggests, it is often drunk during the summertime. I myself, was fortunate enough to live in the south of Spain, so I enjoyed some long hot summers and made the most of any opportunity to slurp a cheeky Tinto de Verano. 

BeFunky Collage3.jpg

With some great people by my side, the very best of friends, I drank it at the beach, we drank it at festivals as it was cheap and cheerful, we even carried it with us for the parties along the city streets. We somehow managed to fit our heads almost completely inside giant cups and glasses in order to get the very last sip. Never did it matter that we sometimes had it out of a plastic cup, nor did it matter that the supermarkets sold it for 50 cents, we had some lovely times with Tinto de Verano. It’s always the first thing I order when I go back for a visit!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Now don’t worry, we managed to posh it up from time to time… some bars served it with a cinnamon stick (a giant one) while others brightened things up with neon straws! We knew how to roll.

BeFunky Collage6.jpg

We poured it from large sharing jugs, we tipped it into glasses of all shapes and sizes…

BeFunky Collage5.jpg

…and when anyone came to visit, I had to treat them to my favourite drink along with some very delicious Spanish tapas.

BeFunky Collage4.jpg

The reason behind this post is funny really. I always say I’m going to write about my time in Spain and share my experiences, so yesterday I started going through some old photos in the hope of triggering a memory that would lead to a sensational story. After a short while, I realised that oh so many of my pictures were Tinto de Verano related and therefore I decided that I just had to share. I then asked myself, was it too much tinto? Is it ever too much tinto? I think my friends would join me in saying ” It’s NEVER too much tinto!” Happy memories!


So there you have it, a little post about a cheeky beverage that should be tried by everyone when visiting Spain. Also, hopefully the start to some tales about my time abroad and a wonderful excuse to post some great photos of my amigos and I.

No tinto in this shot, but I remember they were huge glasses, we were at the city’s yearly fiesta and we followed the drinks with paparajote (fried leaf)… but that’s another story.

This is soooo what happens when we drink a tinto…

If you can’t make it to Spain right now, it’s super easy to make! So give it a go and let me know what you think!

Happy Weekend Amigos!




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