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Sciarpa- Scarf


Check out this gorgeous piece for day 6, my vintage sciarpa – scarf, and I’ve chosen the Italian language today; I figured that something this beautiful would fit perfectly with it. I wear this scarf EVERY winter without fail as I absolutely love it!

Ever so lovingly, my mum passed this scarf on to me and it’s been around for many years. Actually, this morning she told me she thinks she got it in the 70s, so it has a fair few years behind it.

The colours are great and I adore the pattern. Although it has quite a lot going on, I find it best to wear this one when the clothes underneath are fairly plain. Having that in mind, today I went almost all black and the scarf really brightened it up. I did however, then head outside and throw on a big coat because it’s wintry cold out there now.


Something else I admire about this scarf is the size, it is so very big and I can wrap it round my neck a few times; it keeps me super cosy. As it was a dull, grey Sunday today, this definitely added some colour to the day.

What do you think of this one? Any lovely vintage pieces hidden away in your wardrobes?

So big, I can hide my whole face in it!




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