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The Red Poppy


When the 11th hour struck, on 11th November 1918, the Great War came to an end. For all those brave men who fought for their countries, for the men and women who worked to save lives, for the people who supported their soldiers, for the animals who played their part and for the families who suffered…we will never forget. Not ever will we ignore the sacrifices you made for those of us past, present and future.


Nor will we ignore those who continue to fight; the heroes who right now are out there in combat, protecting, saving and serving not only their own countries but helping others.

Today I wore my poppies with pride. I thought of my late grandfather, who fought in the tanks in the Second World War. I took the moment’s silence to remember the many incredible stories my grandmothers have told me about their experiences during the War.

A photo from the school where I work. Every child made and planted a poppy in memory of a family member or the Unknown Soldier. The year 6 students recited a poem and together we were silent, we remembered. 

We Will Never Forget



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