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The Scarf Challenge…it’s nearly over.

Firstly, apologies for not posting yesterday…the weekend got me a little carried away! It’s now day 14 of my little challenge and I have to say I’ve cheated! Oops! Over the weekend I selected one of the old favourites and kept it on for every trip outside. To be honest, the ones I have left to try on just don’t really go right; not only are they not right with the coats, but not really the colours for the season. I did however, promise to get use out of all the scarves I came across, so that is what I shall do!

It goes very nicely with the dress, yes? 

So the scarf I went back to was one of the firsts from this challenge. I just love the hint of sparkle and with it being one colour, it’s easy to match with lots of things.

The reason for not posting yesterday was because I went out on Saturday night and had a jolly good time! My friend and I went to say goodbye to another pal, who is off on an a big adventure of her own soon. Check her out here and find out what she will be getting up to!

4. Night out (5).jpg

The night was fun; we danced, laughed and we drank…oh did we drink, hence me being unable to manage much movement on Sunday morning! Despite the slight fuzzy head, I did get moving by mid morning and made it into town for a couple of hours with my mum. I also found myself enjoying a cheeky glass of prosecco with another friend later that day. So as you can see, my minutes were rather occupied this weekend 😀

4. Night out (6).jpg

I promise to get back on it, as of today. So tomorrow you’ll get to see a different scarf. Ohhh living the high life with this challenge hey?! Ha! Saturday night’s outfit did have include some shoes that I haven’t worn for ages though, so I felt good that I was getting use out of them. I was all about the black and white that night.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! What exciting stories do you have from the last few days?



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