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Still going…

On to day 17 now of my little challenge and these last two days have been taken up with work, jobs around the house and my third assignment (I’m doing a Teaching Assistant course). So apologies for no post yesterday!

Writing honestly, as much as fun as I’m having here in the blogging world, I am finding it hard to sit in front of the computer everyday and update my posts. Although I’m enjoying my current challenge, I must admit that the words aren’t always just rolling out on to the page; a bit worried I’m boring you all and that someone is going to stumble across “The Scarf Challenge” and the posts that follow, then tell me I’m ridiculous. Who writes about random scarves? Well, I promised myself I would get through them all, so that is what I shall do.


As usual, my photo skills are atrocious, but you can just about see it right? This is the wonderful scarf I’ve had on for the last two days and I just love it! The temperature has dropped suddenly and the wind has picked up; I have been ever so cold! In spite of this winter chill though, the scarf was a good choice and kept me well protected from the winter.


During this challenge, I’ve realised just how lucky I am. This scarf was another gift from my time in Spain and I think out of all those that I have worn, only one I bought for myself. So this is a thank you really, to all my lovely friends who treated me for my birthday, my students and their parents who gave me “thank you” presents at the end of term, and my delicious sister, for her fabulous style choices when picking my scarves.

I hope you like this one. The pastel-like colours aren’t really the norm for winter, but I actually quite like them and they went nicely with my khaki coat. Saying that again, reminds me that I need a new coat!  It came from a shop called Parfois, a cute shop where you can find jewellery and fabulous accessories to suit all outfits and all seasons.

Only three more to go now guys, then I promise to try my best at writing something a bit more intellectual…more interesting some of you might say…well, let’s just see what comes out.

Night Night x 🙂





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