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Calling Pause!

Today I must let you know that I have to take a little break on the Scarf Challenge; with only three more to go, I need to wear just one and only one scarf for the next few days. The reason being, is that I am off to Spain! I’m only taking hand luggage with me and although scarves don’t take up much space, I just don’t have the room for 3 more going in there. Whenever I travel over to Murcia, I always take gifts with me because I go to visit friends and students whom I taught when I was living there. Therefore, I have to be strict with myself when it comes to shoes and clothes that go with me.

The other reason behind my pause on blogging is because I really just want to switch off and enjoy myself. However, I will be sure to get back to you and catch up on here as soon as I’m home; I’m sure I will have loads to write about. Actually, there are already so many stories I could tell you about my time in Spain…I must get going with those memories…


For the time being though, I shall be packing away the thick coat, closing down the laptop and adding the last few bits to my small case, ready for 4 days with my favourites in Spain. It’s been pretty much non-stop hail, rain and wind here in Southport for the last few days, so I am ready for a splash of sunshine. OK OK, so it won’t be sunbathing beach weather over there now, but who doesn’t love just getting away and having a break some place different?

Anyway, I shall bore you no more ( I really must finish the case) and wish you all a very jolly weekend! If I have time before jetting off, I may throw up another cheeky post about my lovely day at school/work yesterday.





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