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Reunited with Christmas…

5. Murcia Visit (22).jpg
Look at that face!

If you follow my blog, you may have read my post a few months ago about a lovely dog named Christmas. If not, or if you fancy refreshing the memory, here is that story.

While I was away in the week, visiting my pals over in Spain, I was lucky enough to catch up with my furry friend, Christmas.

Last weekend I went over to Murcia, Spain, to visit my friends and also my ex-students. Sadly while I was there, I received some sad news; the trip would not be quite as I had planned due to all of the emotions running through my head, but thanks to some very wonderful people, I had a lovely time.

One of the highlights whilst there was most definitely when I got to catch up with Christmas the dog. As you know, she now lives with – and is very much part of their family- Matt and Debora; two of my very special friends who took this pup in when we needed a home for her.

It was absolutely fantastic seeing her, she is such a happy little dog. I got to have a short stroll with her and the following day a few cuddles in her flat before heading off to the academy.

5. Murcia Visit (23).jpg

At first I was a little worried she wouldn’t remember me, but she got all kinds of excited! She really is a very happy dog and I felt much better for being around her. When I last wrote about Christmas, I also mentioned how grateful I was to both Deb and Matt for taking her in. Once again, it became very clear to me that Christmas is in the perfect place and having the best love ever given to her.

We take in these animals, we invite them into our homes and care for them like they are our own. I honestly believe that they understand; they aren’t daft as some might say and they show appreciation to those of us who love them. I couldn’t be happier for Christmas and my super amigos who get to enjoy her everyday. Animals really are our best friends.

Fingers crossed now, that in the summer of 2017 when Christmas makes the journey back to the UK with Matt and Deb, that we can have a delightful dog reunion and get her back in touch with my three. 😀

5. Murcia Visit (24).jpg

Thanks for reading guys. Have a pleasant Sunday evening and and great start to the week tomorrow!



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