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Scarf Number 14

Today I woke up feeling kind of blue, a somewhat empty sensation in my tummy (no, not hunger) and a sudden wave of sadness. I’ve said this many a time in various posts, but I will get to it; it’s a new, recent “it” though, so please, don’t rush me.

Anyway, the reason I’m able to post and feel like writing today, is because I threw on a scarf today and suddenly smiled to myself when I remembered that I have a challenge to complete. I believe that this was scarf number 14 and not only did it bring a little something to an outfit of mainly black, but it made me happy knowing that the world of blogging could distract me for a short while; that a photo would be taken and that words were ready to come out. Sometimes it’s nice to just think about something totally different for a few moments, and although some of you may not think it too interesting, I think this small challenge that I’ve set myself could be the start of some more exciting events and moments.

Bla bla bla, I could ramble on forever! For now though, I’ll just show you what I found for today!


I forgot how much I love white against black! I had also forgotten how much I had been enjoying wearing a different accessory everyday. I really am getting good use out of all of these scarves…but like I said at the start, I will give away to charity those that I think may end up at the bottom of the drawer again. This does not mean they are not beautiful pieces of cloth, or that I am ungrateful for being given them, just that maybe someone out there can make more and better use of them than me.


Brown and light blue stripes too, I think it all went together quite nicely really. I’m not so fancy with fashion and I often ask my sister to help me pick out outfits, but today I think I did it pretty well. Skirts, tights and boots are fab for winter and I’m loving that I have all of these scarves to choose from, to ass that bit extra to my outfits!







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