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Autumn Leaves to the Big Freeze


The presents have been unwrapped, the boxes broken down, squashed, thrown away and the fridges are full with leftover Christmas delights that will last us weeks! Up here in the north of England, it has been one of the mildest winters on record. The change from autumn to winter however, was as obvious as ever; the leaves fell and crunched under our feet while we appreciated a sea of golden browns, oranges and deep reds. Before we knew it though, that scrunching sound became the noise of frozen grass and twigs, while the leaves slowly turned to mush.

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Q & A

Another great read here, I really enjoy getting to know more about my fellow bloggers; those I follow and anyone who follows me. I myself posted a little (more) of me a few weeks ago and I think it’s a fab way for us to get to know each other.


Finally I got around to answering the questions that my amazing readers had put forth!

I apologize for the delay in publishing this post, yes it has been forever since we’ve caught up on each others life’s. Comment down below how you’re feeling today, I’d love to know. I’m feeling pretty fine myself I must say. Keep a lookout for a fun cheeky article coming your way pretty soon!! Also if you still have some more questions ask away! 🙂


#1 What is your dream career?

My dream career, well to be honest there are so many things I’d love to excel in and make a career out of.  I’ll just state 2 prominent ones at the moment. The first one being a pastry chef, I don’t  know how to cook to even save my own life, yes I’m that bad. That being said I just can’t stop imagining…

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This Time Last Year

About a week ago, I posted about all of my favourite Christmas things and in part of it I mentioned my love of the Christmas Tree pose. You know, standing elegantly (or crazily in some of my cases) in front of a big, beautiful festive tree; standing next to absolutely anything Christmas related actually! So, I looked back over my photos and, this time last year, I was- in true Jo style- going crazy with Christmas snaps. It made me stop for a second, and realise that I haven’t posted or even taken many Christmas photos yet!

Challenging myself again, I will take (at least one) Christmas themed photo everyday from now until the festivities start to settle down and all things get packed away again. I guess it isn’t really much of a challenge because I enjoy taking photos and I just love the holiday season. Let’s get Christmassy!


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Getting To Know You

I often come across posts, where the blogger is writing about his/herself and sharing a little more about themselves; whether it be deeply personal or something random that they like doing, as a reader, I love finding out that little bit more about the person behind the blog that I’m following.

Most recently, I read this one and I honestly enjoyed every bit of it. So after reading this post, I have decided that I too would like to let you know a little bit (more) of me…

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