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Getting Christmassy!

Only 14 sleeps to go until the big man in red arrives and fills our houses with treats of all kinds! I’m feeling ever so jolly and right in the Christmas spirit; something I really need at the moment, after a few weeks of not very happy times.

Whilst relaxing (being lazy) last night and enjoying the warmth from my three little pups, I read this cheerful Christmas post; today I decided that I wanted to blog about my own Christmas favourites. So thanks Amanda, here goes…



I have been desperate for a real for the last few years now; When I lived in Spain, the build up to Christmas wasn’t quite as big as here in the UK so I only ever put up a little fake tree. I would then come home for the holidays and the house would already be decorated and I didn’t really think it was OK for me to complain about the tree that was up. Not that I have ever had a problem with our family tree, or moaned about the decorations that we have- I love anything and everything at Christmas! Basically, I am getting older and would like to have my own place and kit it out like Santa’s Grotto in December, but since moving back to England I have come back to the family home and don;t want to disturb mum’s set up. So much so, that this year when I battered my eyelids at mum and suggested a new tree, I was met with the usual “there’s nothing wrong with the one we have…we can’t have a real one, what will the dogs do?” It doesn’t matter though, it still looks pretty good does our little plastic one, with its tinsel, bells and twinkling lights- even if it is the smallest in the street (ha!)


Whether it’s one or twenty, it really doesn’t matter because it’s Christmas! Last year I think I bought 3 jumpers and treated myself to two festive dresses that were covered in Rudolphs and holly. This year I am yet to purchase one but after a mooch in the town centre today, I can say now that I want many more! I love the sparkle I adore the jingles, you just can’t beat a novelty/seasonal piece of clothing. On the first of December, I found one of my sister’s jumpers that she must have left behind when she moved out; worked out pretty well for me as I went to school that day with two turtle doves shimmering on my chest. Feeling joyful today, I pulled out one of my favourites from last year…

All About The Bling!


Over the years I have been able to experience and learn about the seasonal/winter traditions from friends from many countries. It’s a privilege being able to travel so freely and meet wonderful people, learning about different cultures. We all know that in the UK, Father Christmas sneaks down the chimney late on Christmas Eve and leaves us presents under the tree; we leave him a mince pie and a glass of milk (or maybe a cheeky alcoholic tipple) and a carrot for Rudolph. This is a tradition that British family cherish I’m sure, especially when little ones are around, but I want to tell you about my (small) Massam family Christmas ritual (if you will). Since we were little, my sister and I would be taken to our grandparents house, on my dad’s side, very early in the morning to open presents and we would enjoy sausage butties! That’s right! Grandma would coat the bread in butter and then stuff it full with well cooked sausages, and boy did we enjoy them. I always went back for seconds. We lost granddad when I was 15, and sadly, Grandma Massam passed away only 3 weeks ago. Not wanting to break tradition though, this year on the morning of 25th December, we shall drive over to my sister’s house and enjoy a few helpings of sausage sandwiches. 🙂 Love you Grandma ❤ 


I’ll admit it, I love taking photos and posing in front of the camera. Not saying I’m good with one or that I always come out looking great, but it’s great to have a pose and especially at this time of the year. Wherever I go and whatever I’m doing during the month of December, I am constantly looking for the Christmas decs, in particular the tinsel covered trees, and preparing myself for a festive pose! Last year I was lucky enough to be invited to a friend’s wedding and the hotel was totally Christmassed up! There were themed trees everywhere! 

Xmas stuff (7).JPG
White Christmas- Hotel Lobby
Harry Potter Themed
Mary Poppins.
I don’t remember the theme, but looks like we were having a lovely time!


Without bursting into song, these are a few on my favourite (Christmas) things…

  • A warm mince pie, drizzled in double cream
  • Blasting out “All I want for Christmas” and believing I’m as good as Mariah
  • Snuggling up on the sofa and watching “Home Alone” both one and two 🙂
  • Wrapping presents, even though I get worse every year, I love it!
  • The kindness, happiness and joy that fills us all at this time of year

I really do believe it’s the most wonderful time of the year; the weather plays havoc with my skin, but Christmas is the jolliest time and we all need that bit of sparkle in our lives. 

Tell me all about your Christmas and have yourselves a very merry one indeed!




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