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Everyday’s a treat!

How could I forget to mention my Advent Calendar? Yesterday I blogged about my favourite things; all things Christmassy, and I failed to mention how much I enjoy opening that cardboard window and munching down on a cheeky chocolate every morning in December. Think I was just to busy getting carried away with my Christmas sparkle.


I remember when I was younger and December couldn’t come quick enough; I loved the taste of the chocolate that the calendars held. Over the years I haven’t been as fussed about the treat inside, but looked forward to the theme of the packaging. Whether it be Peppa Pig, High School Musical,anything Disney, or one of my favourite chocolate tastes, I’m a happy bunny. This year my mummy dearest treated me to a Malteasers themed one and I am very much enjoying each and every piece.


1. Babysitting Thomas 12.12 (4).jpg

Something else I took great delight in today, was digging out another Christmas jumper. I didn’t make it out to get a new one today, but I adored the bit of sparkle on this one; a black back drop with big, bright baubles.

1 jumper.jpg

Do you have a favourite Christmas jumper? Share them with us! 🙂




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