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Hold Them Tight…

Bruno Bear (2).JPG

Tonight I just wanted to take a moment to remember how lucky I am to have my three little pups in my life. I’d never had a dog before Bruno came into my life and now, I can’t imagine my days without him, Lola and Pequeña.

Looking at the clock, I can see it’s getting late. Therefore, I won’t go into detail right now, but I will tell you how very much I love my three dogs; they are a great delight in my life. I’m not a crazy animal lady, but I know those of you out there with pets of your own will understand; they really do become part of the family.

Today I heard some sad and horrible news that a dog had been stolen (sadly, I know this happens a lot) from a park and it made me want to hold mine ever so tightly and keep them close all day. The owners must be feeling beside themselves and the poor little dog, lost.

Take a moment, snuggle up to your animal companion and enjoy a cuddly moment. As much as they love and need us, I think it’s OK to say, that we need them too.

Puppy dogs (1).JPG
Lola keeping a close eye on Pequeña 


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