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Getting To Know You

I often come across posts, where the blogger is writing about his/herself and sharing a little more about themselves; whether it be deeply personal or something random that they like doing, as a reader, I love finding out that little bit more about the person behind the blog that I’m following.

Most recently, I read this one and I honestly enjoyed every bit of it. So after reading this post, I have decided that I too would like to let you know a little bit (more) of me…

1.1 Shazza's birthday (2).JPG1.1 Shazza's birthday (4).JPG

I pull silly faces and constantly pout in front of the camera, because life is far too short for so much seriousness. When I say pout, I mean daft, like a fish or a duck face…not a ” look at my enhanced luscious lips because I am drop dead gorgeous”, I’m all about the silliness!

I now speak fluent Spanish  after living in Spain for 7 years 🙂

Summer is my favourite time of the year; just give me sunshine, freshly cut grass and a cracking beer garden with a chilled beverage in hand!

11. Adios (2).JPG

I am a UK size 5 in shoes and I have a ridiculous amount of footwear. High heels, flats, wedge shoes, sandals, boots both huge heeled and flat and sports shoes…I really should control myself. Maybe I need to revisit the scarf challenge but with my shoes!


I have a gorgeous 25 year old (younger than I am) sister and I absolutely love her to pieces. People say we look exactly the same but we couldn’t be more different; I love her so so so much!


Goodness me, I AM having a lovely time and I could carry on for hours. However, I will call a pause now because I would like YOU to take control now. What would YOU like know about me? Ask me anything and in turn let me get to know a little bit more about you! Please, share this post and maybe share something about yourself that we may not know. Let’s get blogging and let’s get sharing!






Hello. Hola. Welcome to my blogging world. Join me on my writing journey as I jot down all sorts; from things that make me happy and giggle, to travels and adventures already experienced. There may be moments when things get a little more serious, but mainly I'm here to share my thoughts and stories and learn lots from fellow bloggers. :-)

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