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Christmas Catch Up

As we get that little bit nearer to Christmas, I’m enjoying every festive activity that I do; today’s was no different- a catch up with one of my very best friends and we had the most wonderful evening together.


I just love spending time with my friends, especially at this time of year. Katie and I studied together at University and then lived in Spain where we had some fabulous experiences. So you can imagine, that when we get together, we have so much to talk and laugh about that the nights are always great fun.

Last night we devoured some delicious Italian food at a local restaurant in my little village; come and find it, it’s ever so quaint. Recently, Churchtown has had two new bars open up and I’m hoping the area is going to become the new social place for weekend evenings. Anyway, the food was delightful and instead of dessert, we treated ourselves to some cocktails in one of the new locals.

We swapped Christmas presents (mine is tucked away under the tree) and got cosy on the sofa when we got home. Malteasers, dogs and a film; a little sleepover was just what I needed to end a nice week. How do you like to spend time with friends?

Only one more sleep to go, he’s on his way! Merry Christmas!



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