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Autumn Leaves to the Big Freeze


The presents have been unwrapped, the boxes broken down, squashed, thrown away and the fridges are full with leftover Christmas delights that will last us weeks! Up here in the north of England, it has been one of the mildest winters on record. The change from autumn to winter however, was as obvious as ever; the leaves fell and crunched under our feet while we appreciated a sea of golden browns, oranges and deep reds. Before we knew it though, that scrunching sound became the noise of frozen grass and twigs, while the leaves slowly turned to mush.

I absolutely love autumnal walks and running through the leaves on the ground, but this year, I couldn’t help but admire the frosty blanket that lightly covered our gardens and streets.


The weather during the winter plays havoc with my skin, but I have to admit that the trail it leaves behind is pretty damn beautiful. Sadly this year, around my area, there had been no sign of snow, but it’s been nice enjoying a little bit of Jack Frost.

The seasons seemed to have changed ever so quickly; time is flying by faster than we know it, but we can enjoy the scenes that mother nature leaves behind…






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