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Meet My Family


Here we go, here we go! That time of week again; 52-week Blog Challenge and I’m on to number 3! So read along and meet my family. 

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Challenge 52-Number 2


I only started last week and already it’s that time again- After coming across Jenny’s blog and her 52 week challenge, immediately I decided that I had to get involved. I’ve written many times before, how much I like sharing and also enjoy discovering more about my fellow bloggers; this idea that the girls had is a great way of doing just that! So last Thursday, I got off to a quick start with number 1-my best friend and not only did I get to share with all of you readers, but I got to relive some wonderful memories as I wrote.  

So, without further ado…her comes number two…

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Round Up! Round Up!

A few months back now, some of you may remember my posts on my scarf challenge. I challenged myself (nothing too hard) to wear a different one of my many scarves each day, and in doing so, I had to decide which ones were keepers and which would be heading off to a better home; I want to make sure that they all get used, and just because one may not be my favourite, doesn’t mean it should be shoved away at the back of my wardrobe.

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You Are Invited To…

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

Well this is a word prompt I just had to use and write up on; as just last week I was handing out and sending my birthday invitations to all my friends and loved ones, inviting them to join me in celebrating my Happy 30th Birthday!

Let’s Go Crazy! 

4. Abby's Hen Do 30 (11).JPG It’s been a crazy amount of years since I have sent out invites, so this year I decided that I just had to do it, along with planning a big birthday bash! I celebrate my birthday every year, but I’ve been away for so long that I thought turning 30 was a good enough excuse for a big do! I also thought the idea of an invite was a little more personal and since I have no wedding or baby on the cards, then this was the way to get everyone together.

I’m really looking forward to celebrating and doing it with all the people I love. Also, lots of exciting things to come during my 30th year…stay tuned to find out what I ‘ve got planned…




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Dirty 30s!

This is turning out to be THE year of parties! From June 2016 until about May of this year (2017) my close friends have been and will be hitting the BIG 30!  The last couple of weekends I have been out and celebrated 3 birthday dos and I really am have the best time!

OK, so the hangovers are atrocious these days and I can;t keep going all night long like I used to, but I gave it a pretty good go this last weekend and had a wonderful time catching up with friends from my college days.


After a delicious meal in Sapporo in Liverpool, we then hit the bars and danced all night long! It was just like the old days, rewinding back to when were 18 and in college; we had some great times we did!

I’m so glad this year has got off to a good start, I’m feeling positive about the future and wherever I end, whatever I do, I’m determined to make this a fabulous year!

#dirty30  #30for30

I aim to blog about all things related with big 30s this year. You can read a post from a few months back here and keep following to see what else I get up during my 30th year.