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A Frosty Start

From one big freeze to another; no sooner had I written about the mild weather and the winter coming late, than the next wave of cold arrived and once again covered our gardens in sheets of frost.

Although the sun was beating down and the sky a clear, calm, blue with barely a cloud to be seen, it didn’t prevent the icy, crisp chill from creeping up around us as we strolled through the village with our band of furry friends.


Looking up to the rooftops and way out across the fields, at a quick glance you would have thought it was snow. At a closer look, it was clear to see that it was frozen due just glistening under the sunlight.

Happy that there was no sign of rain, we covered ourselves from head to toe in the perfect winter attire and raced out of the door with the three dogs hot on our heels! Woolly hats, substantial sized scarves, giant padded gloves, coats with hairy hoods and boots made for stomping on the crispy cold grasslands- Jack Frost’s chill would have a job at catching us.



The crispy crunch of the grass under my feet was so much fun and the dogs thrived in the freedom they were given to run free across the field, which, on this particular day, seemed to be for them and only them.

You just can’t beat days like this one. The air might have been cold, but it felt ever so fresh and seeing nature covered in beautiful shining white is always lovely to look at.

Get wrapped up warm and head out for a winter’s walk.



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2 thoughts on “A Frosty Start

    1. Thanks 🙂 we don’t get much snow in Southport (where I live) think the last big downfall was 6 years ago! Going a little further north though, it can be found when the weather gets really cold!


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