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52 Week Blog Challenge: Meet My Bestie

Recently, I came across two great blogs by two young ladies who, through their posts, share a little bit of their day to day lives. Best friends, who once a week link their ideas and write up a post based on a title from their 52 week blog challenge. I started reading their stories and thought it was a super idea! So, thank you very much Jenny and Britt; now let’s see how I do…

So Very True… (photo taken from Google images)




So for the first post in this 52 week blog challenge has already got me a little stumped; you see, like many of us, I have a lot of close friends and after living in different places, I have mates all over the place. Ideally, I would love to run through them all and tell you just why they are so great, why we are friends and why they are in my life… but we really would be here for an awfully long time! Therefore, I will stick to the title and write about one of my very best and dearest friends, the first person who came to mind actually when I read the title for this little task.

Here we go, without further ado, let me introduce to you (hope she doesn’t mind me using our photos) my special amiga, my half an orange, my Newts, my pal, Katie Newton.


Not wanting to ramble on for too long, I shall do my best to keep this brief; we met at Manchester Metropolitan University during our first week as freshers and we pretty much became inseparable.  Not in the way that we couldn’t survive without one another, just that we got had a right good laugh, enjoyed lots of the same stuff and had a blast hanging out together. It’s also been lovely, as the years have gone by, meeting each other’s friends and getting along really nicely too!

Some oldies here, but they are goodies!

These are just a few, but the amount of selfies we have taken is ridiculous! Come to think of it, the great number of photos that we have together is well into the thousands! This is something though, that we like to do very much; taking photos is lots of fun and we have so many great visual memories now of all the wonderful stuff we have been up to over the years! Actually, Katie is quite nifty with her camera, and has a good eye when it comes to editing photos. I have a lot to thank her for as she has made me look decent on many occasion, when really my face was rather a joke!

We didn’t walk around like this just because we were in Spain…they had just won a cup of some sort! 

Most of our memorable (and they really are) moments were made while we were living in Spain together. As we both studied Spanish at Uni, for the third year of our degree we were sent off on our travels for a year and we found home in the south of Spain in the region of Murcia. During that year, we met some incredible people, made life-long friends and made our way through a lot of the country;  (also a lot of dodgy alcoholic shots!) I couldn’t have asked for a better person that Newts to share that experience with. I’m sure you’ve realised by now, that my nickname for her is Newts, but there have been many along the way!

I won’t pull out the old pictures of past boyfriends been and gone, but together we were strong and have supported one an another through all sorts of daftness and emotions throughout many a relationship!

Pushing that thought to one side and moving on to the really happy times: trips away, parties, (literally all night long) countless birthdays, dinner dates and nights in front of a film or a random documentary.

1003676_10151702035395792_1580282264_n1a. Birthday! (2).jpg

Thinking about it, I reckon you know someone is truly special (and they love you a lot) when you can call them and tell them pretty much anything, no matter how stupid or even intimate it may be! You know that person is good for you, when she sits next to you at breakfast and removes your egg whites and tomatoes without even asking; equally, you can just reach over to her plate and steal the mushrooms!

Katie is currently living with her fiance in Manchester and I am about 55 minutes away in Southport, on the coast. I don;t get to see her half as much as I’d like to, but when we do meet it’s like we have never been apart. She is my absolute favourite and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her; I look forward to being by her side when she gets married and I hope to continue making more great memories with her!

Honestly, I could carry on talking about this lady forever and I could share so many stories but I think I’ll save them for another day- I must write more about Spain! For now, I will sit back and flick through the many photos that I have with Katie and giggle to myself as I’m reminded of some fabulous moments!

2013-02-09 15.33.01.jpg

In the end, I did waffle on a tad, but I think it was a lovely bit of waffle about someone worth waffling on about! I’m excited to see what the next challenge in this blog list holds…

52 week blog.jpg


Hope you enjoyed this post of mine. Katie and I recently travelled to Paris, so stay tuned to find out how we got on there. You can also read about our Christmas Catch Up if you want to see what else we have been up to. 

Nearly the weekend guys, have a good one! 😀



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