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via Daily Prompt: Someday

Someday, I will decide where I want to live

Someday, I will decide what job I want to do

Someday, I will decide whether or not a relationship is for me

Someday, I will be brave and finally get behind the wheel of a car

Someday, I will learn how to say “no”

Someday, I will actually make the most of my gym membership

Someday, I will absolutely make a proper decision

For now, I will continue plodding along, with that smile on my face and really make 2017 one of the best years yet!



Hello. Hola. Welcome to my blogging world. Join me on my writing journey as I jot down all sorts; from things that make me happy and giggle, to travels and adventures already experienced. There may be moments when things get a little more serious, but mainly I'm here to share my thoughts and stories and learn lots from fellow bloggers. :-)

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