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30 For 30!


It’s coming, there’s no stopping it and there’s definitely no going back now! On the 9th February of this fine year (2017) I shall be turning the ripe (not so old) age of 30! And do you know what? Bring it on!

Kicking off with a celebration shared with family and friends, I’ll be dancing the night away and trying my best to last into the early hours of the morning- roll back 8 years and that was no issue! Saying that, my friend Katie and I made it to 04:30 at the weekend!

   We said we would only go for one…

The rest of my birthday month (yes that’s right, I’m milking this one for a while month) will be spent doing all the things I love, with the people I love. As well as trying out some new things. Something not so new, but I’m very much looking forward to, is a trip to Murcia just after my birthday. There, I will most definitely be enjoying round 2 of the party celebrations.

Now we are more than halfway through January and I haven’t actually made any New Year’s Resolutions. This year, instead of making those “promises” (the same every year) of staying away from alcohol mid-week, eating more healthily and actually attending the gym regularly, I have decided to set myself a bigger challenge a challenge that so far is looking to be rather enjoyable.


I’ve always though of myself as an adventurer. The “try something new” person and the one that’s “always on the move”. And although I constantly wear that smile on my face and maintain (as best I can) that positive attitude, when it comes down to it, I don’t always complete the tasks I set out to. I don’t push myself as hard as I could and I haven’t tried some of the things “they say” you should do in your twenties.


So. before life gets too complicated (that seems to happen as we get older) and it becomes more difficult to make plans, I have promised myself that during this 30th year of mine I will have the very best of fun yet! It is to be full of newness and adventure. Jam packed with trying out new things and brand new experiences. And somewhere along the way I’d like to squeeze in doing something nice for others.

As I’m turning 30, I’ve chosen to take on 30 of these different and new activities. They can be of any sort, as long as they are things I wouldn’t normally do, even better if I have never tried them before. The challenge however, is to complete the 30 activities within my 30th year- 9th February 2017- 9th February 2018. My list so far is rather short, so please, throw some ideas my way and follow me on this journey. I think it’s going to be a good one!







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8 thoughts on “30 For 30!

  1. Aw! I am so certain that 30 is going to be an amazing year for you! My boyfriend just turned 30 earlier this month but he likes to refer to himself as “late 20s early 30” LOL He seems to be loving it so far, I have high hopes that it’ll be a special time for you too

    xo, JJ

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  2. I find I’m full of regrets of things not done, albeit partially due to my health. I’m hoping that when I reach the 30 point (next year, eek!) I’m going to be as brave and bold as you and make it the best yet. Inspiring post – Here’s to your 30 for 30!

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    1. Oh no, I do hope you are OK. Thanks for reading and your kind words. I myself had a health scare and some not so nice things happened very suddenly and repeatedly in the space of two years! Therefore, I decided to make this 30th year the BEST! Hope I get through them all and make those no longer with me, proud! You should go for it too! Follow me on my journey and maybe I can help you too! 😀


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