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Meet My Family


Here we go, here we go! That time of week again; 52-week Blog Challenge and I’m on to number 3! So read along and meet my family. 

Introducing…she’s fab, she’s loveable -drives me insane sometimes- she’s all kinds of adventurous…my baby (not so much) sister, Ellie Claire! 

At the young age of 25, Ellie is in a great place in her life. Together with her boyfriend, they have just purchased their first house and are in the process of unpacking- oh my what a challenge that will be for them; trying to find space for all of that stuff! I pop in twice a week and let the dog out to relieve herself at lunchtime, so I get to see how the situation is progressing. She has wonderful job, being a speech therapist and she works ever so hard; after long days however, she says it’s very rewarding.


When I lived in Spain, my darling sister came to visit me every year and has since been back with me for a visit. I’d say out of the two of us, I’m the wilder one, but when we are together we have the best times! From partying at festivals, doing family business side by side, to just chilling with the pets, we do have a lovely time. Constantly capturing the memories we make, neither of us ever shy away from the camera…


We laugh a lot, which, after a couple of tough years, is something that is very good for us and obviously, we enjoy doing! She is my sister and I ❤ her.


Mum. She is my most favourite. Without her, I honestly don’t know what or where my 3 pups and I would be. At  the weekend we have the greatest times together and during the week, while her partner is away, she comes to mine and we have the nicest evenings.


Since moving home from Spain,  she has been right by my side, supporting and helping me through tough times and the transition to being back in England. Was kind of weird after being away for so long. She helps me out with the dogs, she patiently sits in the car with me and has a go at teaching me how to drive (that’s always interesting) and she gets on amazingly with all of my friends, welcoming them into our lives like one of the family whenever they are round.

2. Christmas Day (7).jpg

Grandma Johnson just has to be in the mix. We snapped this one with her on Christmas Day, she isn’t really a fan of having her photo taken but as it was a special occasion we got her! Grandma is my mum’s mum and sadly, the only grandparent we have now.

I may have mentioned a few times that the last couple of years has been tricky…

Our grandma is rather blunt, straight to the point; she will tell you exactly what she thinks in the moment she feels it and she doesn’t care who hears it! No volume control whatsoever, haha! She likes her routine very much, and doing her own thing. The rest of us however, are constantly knocking on her door and popping in for a brew! She does like hearing what we are all up to and she totally adores the dogs!

I feel it only right, that now I mention, ever so briefly, my Grandma Massam and my dad… may they rest in piece. Two very large holes have been left in our hearts and life will be that bit different from now on. This post is about family though, and they are my family.


15349549_10211319940616861_3065827425927610687_n.jpgJust the best little old lady. Sadly missed every minute.

I won’t right about them now, if that’s OK. It’s just still a bit too hard for me, but there are so many stories I have to tell, about both dad and grandma.

Sorry, this is turning out to be a very long post, but it would not be complete without one last photo and a few words about three furry monsters who make my family whole.


They may be a massive responsibility, but they really are my babies. When I come home to an empty house, they welcome me with all kinds of excitement. With them, I get to walk to to and through so many new places and enjoy nature. They brighten up difficult days and they make my family happy.

I hope that after reading this, you’ve found out a little more about me. I’d love to hear all about your family and what makes it special.

Jo 😀





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2 thoughts on “Meet My Family

  1. Aw shucks I love following along with your version of the blog challenge. This one was so stinkin sweet! Your relationship with your sister reminds me very much so of me and my sister’s (her, being the older one). I love that you go over and visit her so often, I wish my sister and I could find the time to do so. We used to live right down the road from one another but then I moved out to the city (which isn’t that far) but definitely a little more time consuming. But nevertheless every time we meet up its as if we were never apart. Your mother and grandmother seem like the sweetest women, and it’s so endearing that you speak so highly of them. That picture of the pups is seriously so cute!!! Nothing is more welcoming then a dogs way of welcoming you home!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Thanks Jenny! And thank YOU for for coming up with the blog challenge and giving me things to write about! Thanks also for the lovely words; I was actually a bit nervous about writing this post because I didn’t want to waffle on but at the same time I didn’t want to miss anything out! I’m enjoying the challenge so far… 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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