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Río Carnival 2017

Day 4 in this fabulous city and I’m really making the most of every single moment…


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Let’s Do This!

I made it; here I am checking off #number 1 of my #30for30 list! I’m in Brazil!



After arriving yesterday (Thursday) morning, I spent the day wandering around a little place called Leblon; where my friend is from. Right on Copacabana Beach and surroundEd by some stunning mountainous views.

I hit the hay early as I was shattered from the long journey and got myself all confused with various time changes as we travelled through the night.

I’m hoping to share as much as possible, however, I’m not quite sure I’ll manage doing so via my mobile. As you know, technology and myself do not get on!

Here’s to the start of an amazing adventure!


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So much to share…


Tonight I’ll keep this one short, as I am currently fighting with my eyes as they are trying to close and take me to sleep. This afternoon I flew home from Spain- what a wonderful 5 days I spent there and with some very special friends. Helping me to continue the birthday celebrations, they made it one very memorable trip!

Now well into the 30th birthday month and I already have so much to share with you; from parties and presents, to meals out and trips, my head is overloaded with stories!

It really has started with a bang, and I intend to carry on enjoying this 30th year, trying all sorts of new things and making every moment count!


30 For 30!

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Birthday Bash Round Two!

With so much going on, I haven’t had time to write up about what a fantabulous birthday celebration (week long) I had! Today is no different, as in a few short hours I shall be jetting off to Spain. 

I posted not so long ago about my 30th year plans; thanks to some wonderful friends and family, in no time at all I will be able to get started on my #30for30 list of craziness!

This morning though, I will keep this brief and promise to be back very soon with updates of my celebrations, travels, and exciting plans for the future. 


Murcia, here I come!



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Blog Challenge- Holiday!


Apologies for the post being a day late! I usually write the blog challenge on a Thursday but was ever so distracted yesterday; it was my Happy Birthday!  So I hope you’ll let me off this once and please bare with me as there are many posts to come but just so much happening at the moment, I’m struggling to find the few minutes to sit down and write!

#5 – My Favourite Holiday

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I Just Can’t Wait…

Evening guys! Hope you have all had a super week and have something special planned for the weekend. I myself, am ridiculously excited tonight and I just cannot wait for tomorrow night! Starting the birthday celebrations a little early; I’m having a party for my 30th!

One of the main reasons for such excitement, is that some of my amazing friends are travelling over from here, there and everywhere! When I lived in Spain, as well as my Spanish chums, I made some great friendships with fellow Brits. Many of them are now back living in the UK and I am delighted that they will be joining me tomorrow night for birthday celebrations; my friends really are the loveliest.

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