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My Top 5


It’s Thursday and it’s that time once again, 53 week blog challenge…

#4 – Top 5 Places I’d Like To Visit

1. Florida

It just has to be in my top 5 list of places I’d like to visit; we have a lot of family over there and it would be amazing to get out there and spend some time with them. My mum’s auntie (so my grandma’s sister) is 91 years old and when she was 19 she became a GI bride. She has spent her adult life over in the USA, based in Nashville, but now living with one of her granddaughters in Florida.


My mum, sister and their partners, along with my auntie, uncle and grandma, were all lucky enough to get over there two summers ago and celebrate Auntie Doreen’s 90th. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it as I was making the big move home from Spain. Pennies couldn’t cover two huge trips that year! I’d love to spend some quality time with family members who I only really speak to via letters, and see how they live over there. And of course, a visit to Disney would be pretty spectacular!

2. Dublin

I find it to difficult to believe, that at almost 30 and just a stone’s throw away, I have never made it over to Ireland. I think it would be great to get over there and properly celebrate St Patrick’s Day – learn a bit more about it- and try a Guinness in a real Irish pub.


Over in Spain, we would head over to the popular ex-pats areas and find an Irish pub sometimes on St Paddy’s Day and have a good old laugh with our British chums. Always lots of fun, although like I said, I fancy trying the real thing. 

3. A Ski Resort

Now you’ll notice for this one that I haven’t picked a location…the reason being, that I have never in my life tried skiing; therefore, I can’t say where I would like to do it. I know many people who have been skiing and I’m sure they could advise me well on where to go.


This is my friend Ashley, he works as a ski instructor on the slopes of Switzerland- maybe I should pay him a visit.

4. Switzerland

Which brings me to another place I would like to visit… I have said for years that I would love to get myself over there. Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone and tick two things off this here list…

5. Amsterdam

This place has been on my list for far too long and I reckon it may be a definite for this year. It looks like such a beautiful place and I quite fancy hiring a bike for the day and cycling next to the canal.


And I won’t lie, I would have to check out the Red Light District…just to see, not to buy a dance! I have a few make friends who have made it over there… for some reason, they never tend to share all of their tales of Amsterdam , but that could also have something to do with a certain legal substance they have over that way!

That’s that…

Do you know what, I could go on and on, 5 is just not a big enough number when writing a list of wants and desires 😀 I’ve chosen these five places because I think they could be the most likely to happen in the near future. Where would you like to visit? Have you been to any of the countries on my list here?

Only one more sleep until the weekend gets started! Lots of excitingness happening this Saturday; hope I have time to get some of it jotted down.




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2 thoughts on “My Top 5

  1. So many of the same places I want to go too, with the exception of Florida, but I’m always ALWAYS willing to go back. As far as skiing, I’m not a skiier but even so, I’ve always wanted to visit Aspen, Colorado. It’s supposedly one of the most amazing places. Otherwise, I’d say Denver or Boulder Colorado…I’m sure Utah is awesome for that too!!

    xo, JJ

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