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Río Carnival 2017

Day 4 in this fabulous city and I’m really making the most of every single moment…


Started as I mean to go on on day one and naturally, I had me one tasty Caipirinha! 



Watch out for these beverages though! That was one strong drink and I decided just the one was enough for me on the first evening.

Day 2 was one very hot afternoon, which we spent on the beach of Leblon. Rather busy as it’s Carnival time, so there are tourists from all over the world, soaking up the Brazilian Sunshine. Men were walking up and down nonstop, in amy attempt to sell their goods and various tasty delights; fresh prawns, chicken, cheese (fried) and what the Brazilians seem to be huge fans of, packets of globos. I couldn’t even tell you what they taste like; little air puffed donuts (kind of) and they come either Sweet or salted. I couldn’t put the bag down!


The prawns, smothered in lime juice were delicious!

Kicking off the weekend parties I got myself Carnival ready, flowers and all, and we partied the night away in an equestrian centre that had been kitted out ready for partying! Fica comigo was the name, basically meaning “hook up with me” and it started with a 2 hour free bar! Yes, please and thank you!


Colours in my hair and I danced until half 3 in the morning…I can still do it!


The following night the festivities continued up on top of a mountain- Sugar Loaf Mountain where we donned masks of many colours and enjoyed the stunning views of Rio and its beaches. Hoping to catch the cable car up there one day time, in order to enjoy the sights with daylight.

Rolling into this afternoon  (Sunday) and I had a taste of a bloco- Street party- and had a try of the local beer. There were people everywhere, running all the way all long Rio’s beaches, there were men, women and children dressed in their costume of choice and celebrating Carnival.


I’m having quite the adventure and not slowing down anything soon, as these Brazilians certainly know how to throw a party! Tonight, we are off to watch the world famous parades of samba schools. Feathers, glitter, sequins, dancing and make up galore! This night is sure to be one to remember.




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