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How I travel with a full-time job

Great tips, great way of thinking. I shall re-read this and plan to try out many of these ideas myself! Thanks Traveller Dave!


I love travelling. This activity has already given me lot of self-confidence, knowledge and great moments. It’s exciting to plan and organise which country or city I’m going to visit, which sights I would like to see and how I can achieve it with a minimum budget. You can read stories every day on the internet and see cool photos on Instagram people living a traveller life and everything is perfect. It sounds pretty good and there are many people who have the opportunity to do this but that’s why you don’t have to feel yourself bad.  The reality is that most people have a full-time job, family, less money, less day off and they can’t leave behind their life to just travel around the world. I haven’t mentioned the costs yet. Honestly, travelling is expensive and we have to take advantage of our time if our purpose is to see something of our beautiful world. I…

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