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A Big Thank You To The Big 100!


What a wonderful welcome to come home to, apart from cuddles with my puppy dogs of course, catching up in the world of blogging and finding out that I have reached 100 followers!!

After an amazing two week adventure in Rio, Brazil, I am now back and with even more to share! Also, very much looking forward to having a read through my favourite blogs out there and catching up on all my followers’ posts.

Ridiculously happy to have reached 100 followers (104 to be exact) and actually a little overwhelmed. When I started this blog, it was an outlet for me, somewhere to write down my thoughts and feelings and get the mess out of my head. Starting off however, I didn’t actually feel quite ready to share too much personal (difficult) stuff and found myself just rambling on about my travels, day to day randomness and all sorts about my furry friends. I can’t thank you all enough for following, liking, reading along with me, to be honest, just showing a bit of interest in what I’m up to is lovely. I really am loving this world of blogging and discovering so much about many different things, thanks to people who love to share.

I’m more determined now, to really catch up on here properly and sharing with you, all the exciting things I’ve been up to. Lots to tell you about this place, but for now, I’m going to enjoy some more cuddles with my fluffy babies…


I’ve missed them so much! #walkies





Hello. Hola. Welcome to my blogging world. Join me on my writing journey as I jot down all sorts; from things that make me happy and giggle, to travels and adventures already experienced. There may be moments when things get a little more serious, but mainly I'm here to share my thoughts and stories and learn lots from fellow bloggers. :-)

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