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The Hunt Is On!

Easter Sunday is creeping up on us and I’ve no doubt that parents all over the country have cupboards packed full of Easter eggs, hidden away ready to be dotted around the house and garden in order for their kids to hunt. 

When I was younger, my sister and I were spoilt rotten with a huge selection of eggs given to us from kind family and friends. Excitedly, we would hunt round the house in search of our eggs (that came from those friends) that had been dropped off by the Easter Bunny. Once we were done, mum had ever so efficiently, marked who had sent each and every egg; we wrote thank you cards to everyone- even the Easter Bunny himself! I love how my mum has always taught us to appreciate and be thankful of any gift that has ever come our way.

More Easter hols (17).jpg

As we got older and more little ones joined our circle of family friends, we got to take part in some huge Easter Egg hunts. To get us started we would be given clues to lead us to our (colour coded) trail of mini eggs and at the end, find ourselves a big treat! We really did have some super times together as a group and after the Easter excitement, the chocolate would last us for months!

I’ll always treasure the moments from my childhood, including the memories made as I grew into a teenager, a young adult, who now has hot the thirties and enjoys keeping up with such wonderful traditions every year.

Now, many of my friends have little ones, who get treated to the delights of the Easter Bunny and I’m so grateful to be part of their excited experiences. I also take great joy in sharing British holiday traditions with my Spanish man. Going back a few years now, to one of his first visits over here with me and he was pulled into our Easter celebrations- surrounded by such a huge chocolate feast by the end of his trip, he didn’t know what to do! Packing his case was a bit more difficult too! (ha!)


This year, I shall be waking up in a hotel on the morning of Easter Sunday, quite possibly nursing a hangover , as the night before I shall be celebrating the wedding of one of my lovely University friends. I’m hoping to make it back early enough to join in an egg hunt or two.

What are your Easter plans this year? Will you be taking part in any family traditions?



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